COPSS Projects

  • A. Singh, J. Li, J. P. Hernandez-Ortiz, H. M. Jaeger, and J. J. de Pablo , Shape induced segregation and anomalous particle transport under spherical confinement, Physics of Fluids 32 (5), 053307, 2020.  
  • X. Jiang, J. Li, V. Lee, H. M. Jaeger, O. G. Heinonen, and J. J. de Pablo , Evolutionary strategy for inverse charge measurements of dielectric particles, The Journal of chemical physics 148 (23), 234302, 2018.  
  • X. Zhao, J. Li, X. Jiang, D. Karpeev, O. G. Heinonen, B. Smith , J. P. Hernandez-Ortiz, and J. J. de Pablo, Parallel O(N) Stokes' solver towards scalable Brownian dynaics of hydrodynamically interacting objects in general geometries, The Journal of chemical physics 146 (24), 244114, 2017.  
  • X. Jiang, J. Li, X. Zhao, J. Qin, D. Karpeev, J. P. Hernandez-Ortiz, J. J. de Pablo, and O. G. Heinonen, An O(N) and parallel approach to integral problems by a kernel-independent fast multipole method: Application to polarization and magnetization of interacting particles, The Journal of Chemical Physics 145 (6), 064307, 2016.