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COPSS (Continuum Particle Simulation Software) is an open source software for continuum-particle simulations. The package is designed to be easy to use, extensible, and scalable. It currently includes three modules,COPSS-Hydrodynamics to solve hydrodynamic interactions in confined suspensions, COPSS-Polarization to solve electrostatic interactions in heterogeneous dielectric media, and COPSS-CMA-ESto inversely solve for charges on dielectric particles from particle trajectories. All of these code repositories can be found here


COPSS-Hydrodynamics solves the hydrodynamic interactions in confined suspensions by directly solve the Stokes equation. It is based on an efficient O(N) computational approach to model the dynamics of hydrodynamically interacting Brownian or non-Brownian particles in arbitrary geometries. A parallel finite element Stokes’ solver is the center of the algorithm.

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